Rawon listed as Top 10 Most Delicious Soups in The World.

Taste Atlas has released 10 delicious soups from around the world. This website, puts Rawon into the category of the best soup worldwide.

Rawon sits on the 8th place right after Sinigang from Philippines and Mercimek Orbası from Turkey. The rating given to this authentic Indonesian dish is 4.7 out of 5.0, which is relatively high.

However, the highest rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 was won by Khao Soi, a soup from Thailand. The soup occupies the first position as the most delicious soup in the world because it combines flat egg noodles with meat that is washed down with a slightly spicy broth and savory taste of coconut milk.

On its website, Taste Atlas also describes this food so well. They also discuss about the key ingredients that could only be found around Java Island the local community commonly called as Kluwek, as the dish was a typical traditional dish from East Java.

This key ingredients is has been a common thing find in the local market. Kluwek is some kind of fruit with toxin which could kill the consumer whenever it took not in accordance. You will need to wait for its rippen and fermented for several week before using it as an ingredients.

Now, the presentation of Rawon has also developed and is not only served with gravy and meat. In certain restaurant this dish will be served with several complements such as salted eggs, mendol tempe, potato perkedel, fried tempeh, empal, fried offal, and forged prawn crackers.

All these combination and the ultimate taste of Rawon has made this dish sits as one of top 10 best soup in the world.(*)

Foto: Fimela

Sumber berita asli ada di TIMES Indonesia dengan judul Rawon Listed as Top 10 Most Delicious Soups in The World.

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